Kev Hardy is a singer/songwriter from Hampshire, England.

He first picked up a guitar (a vintage Martin D45 with only 3 strings) at the age of 12 and immediately wrote a terrible song about beans on toast. Sadly (fortunately?) this first attempt has been lost in the annals of time. His dad, himself an accomplished Irish musician, bought some more strings for the guitar and showed him a few chords, and Kev was soon penning the kind of lyrics he has become famous for; honest, intelligent, heart-felt and heart-breaking, and often hilarious.

He began busking with his life-long friend and musical comrade Rick Duggins (Pint of Churchills, Off The Rails, Hardy Folk, Ragati String Band) on the streets of London as a teenager and has gone on to play some of the best venues in the south of England as well as many festivals.

His repertoire is extensive. He plays sets of well known and unusual acoustic covers from the 50s to the present day, as well as a wealth of his own original material .

Kev also performs a set of hilarious comic songs about lost love, cars, pets, the size of his manhood, and the perils of buying a proper cup of coffee.

A small selection of original material is available to listen at
A video of Kev performing 'The Misogynist's Lament' at The Fareham pub, Fareham is available to watch
A video of Kev performing 'Catch Her Tears' at The Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth is available

The Portsmouth News once described Kev Hardy as 'Gently Comic' and he has been described as "Billy Bragg but without the politics", and "Kevin Wilson without the swearing".

In 2010 Kev released the album 'Just Some Guy' which is available to download from BandCamp

Kev has played in several bands over the years. From 'The Fourskins' and 'The Johnies', unsurprisingly Punk bands, in the 70's to, more recently, 'Off The Rails' - a Dr. Feelgood covers band, 'Mr Charlie' - an American string band, 'Hardy Folk' - a collective of musician friends who get together occasionally to perform one-off gigs, and the acoustic blues trio 'The JourneyMen'.

He plays for the love of it but would still be grateful for the odd paid gig here and there. If you are interested in booking Kev Hardy he can be contacted via

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